Staying productive can often be challenging, especially when you’re overseeing a wide array of projects and people. June 20 is World Productivity Day and to celebrate, Industrious has compiled a handful of tips to help you stay your most productive year-round.

#1 Meditate

Research shows that meditation helps sharpen your focus in a big way. This is primarily because meditation helps increase the capacity of your working memory—the cognitive system with a limited capacity that is responsible for temporarily holding information available for processing. One study showed that just two 45-minute meditation exercises per week could increase the working memory by more than 30%.

#2 Switch Up Your Space

If you’re finding it hard to focus from your workstation, switch it up. Changing your environment, as well as the stimuli surrounding you, can have huge benefits. By utilizing different spaces within your office, not only can you increase your productivity but your creativity as well.

#3 Eat Well

Our diets have a much larger impact on our productivity than we may realize. Not only can eating well increase your energy and alertness, but it can also boost creativity and happiness at work. One study demonstrated that employees who eat five portions of fruits and vegetables at least four days a week have a 25% higher job performance.

#4 Listen to Some Music

Music without lyrics, such as acoustic or instrumental music, can help block out distracting conversations and boost your mood. It can also make repetitive tasks feel less repetitive. In fact, according to a report in The New York Times, 15–30 minutes of music is all you may need to regain concentration.