Industrious is fortunate to partner with many women owned businesses that enhance our brand experience and leave an indelible impression on our members. 

This Women’s History Month, we wanted to spotlight some of these vendors as our way of saying thanks for all that you do.

Fairy Dust Decals Design Studio 

Fairy Dust Decals provides Industrious-branded labels for everything from soaps and lotions to sugar and honey. A Star Seller on Etsy with more than 50,000 orders sold, Fairy Dust Decals specializes in custom-designed signs, lettering, and decals for businesses and homes.

Aya Paper Co. 

Aya Paper Co. is a sustainable stationery brand that creates greeting cards and gifts to celebrate the people and moments that matter most. Aya Paper Co. believes that being good to people and being good to the planet go hand in hand, leveraging methods like low waste packaging, responsibly sourced materials, and local manufacturing to create sustainable daily operations.

Grin Natural 

Grin provides natural oral care products like biodegradable floss picks to Industrious locations. Grin is stocked in more than 4,000 retailers, including dental clinics and online stores.

Unique Scents 

Unique Scents created Santalum, a signature scent to identify with the Industrious brand identity and experience, that is used in diffusers across our locations. They currently scent nearly 2,000 businesses in various industries across America. To learn more about how the unique Santalum scent came to be, read the case study.

Aunt Flow 

Aunt Flow supplies menstrual products such as tampons and pads to Industrious locations. For every 10 tampons and pads sold, Aunt Flow donates 1 to an organization that supplies products to menstruators who need them. To date they’ve donated more than 500,000 products to organizations like (914) Cares, Dignity Grows, Keeping Families Covered, and more.

This article spotlighting some of the women owned businesses we partner with is part of a Women’s History Month series, spotlighting the immeasurable contributions women make in helping create the Industrious experience.